Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday October 22, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:
Those 5 things I don't know I probably wrote them in my journal at the apartment. There are good times and bad times in the mission but you only seem to remember the good times.  Speaking of the good times we had one this week.  We were able to meet our investigator and he is  opened up to us and the gospel.  We were there for a long time, .... a long time if you know what I mean.  It was last week and he was talking for 3 hours yes but our investigator has been through a lot.  He was trying to get everything out of his chest and he did.  While we were talking to him, I am smelling this smell, but I didn't say any thing.  But all of the sudden I was like what is that awful smell?   Our investigator had to get up and looks down, his dog pooped 3 times in the house, he was like what the heck and was mad at the dog, it was quite the experience.  It has been busy for our investigator and I can't wait to start teaching him.  In the lesson he said "I will do what God wants me to do."  So we told him in 2 Nephi in The Book of Mormon it will tell you what God wants you to do--2 Nephi 30-33 and he said he will read it.  
Oh another thing I forgot to mention to grandma is that we gave our investigator Gary a Book of Mormon.  I guess he told us one day he dropped the Book of Mormon in the dishwasher.  He took it out and was trying to dry it over the next couple of days.  The only thing that got soaking wet was the index.  Literally where the index starts to the end it got wet.  Now that's a miracle-- pretty cool right.  We are continuing to teach him.  He is open and his heart is softening.
We also met a recent convert and she had a question, "Why is tithing a blessing?"  We told her 1.  Pay tithing first then bills then you will start to know the blessings.  2.  To help those in need.  3. Also tithing is a benefit to others and faithful members of the church, and 4.  Go to the temple.  After we told her those 4 things all of her concerns were swept away.  It was really cool.  She was like, "I better go to the temple and receive the inspiration.  All is well.
We met a less active this week who wants to come back to church so now we are starting to teach him.  We are excited about that.  Yes the primary program was yesterday and it was great.  There was a lot of kids-- lots of kids.  It is like a Utah Ward.  It is a good ward and I love it.
Derek is home from his mission and can't believe it.  Kristin will be next then me I need the address for Derek's home so I can write him a letter.  An exciting time for him.
Thanks Mom and Dad
Love Elder Bowles

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