Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Oct. 8, 2012: Elder Bowles--Conference was amazing

The "Wild, Wild, West"

Well a new week and a new transfer.  Elder Otis is my new companion.  Elder Otis is from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  Elder Otis has been on his mission for a long time...... a really long time....
he has 8 more weeks left till he is done with his mission.  When he is done he will go to BYU Idaho where he will go to school.  Elder Otis and another Elder in this mision will be roommates in idaho.  I thought that was a good idea, they were companions on the mission and they will have no problems as roommates.   By the time Elder Otis knows the people down here he will be going home-- done with his mission.  This week was a slow week.   Last week I got the shoes and before I put them on I grabbed the wrong size.  I had 2 boxes beside me and I grabbed the wrong box a size too small.  I went back to the store just to exchange the boxes that night around 8:00pm.   I was going to put them on because my feet hurt really bad, then I noticed in the shoe box that there were two left shoes.  I was like what the heck who did this?   I took it back to the store and told them my story.   I still had the receipts and they laughed and thought it was funny two left shoes.   On that day they didin't have any in my size so I just asked for my money back.  I got my money back.  I was mad because it was such a good deal.   The orginal price was 75 dollars I got it for 38 bucks it was really good.  That's my story on shoes.
Sorry I just thought I would send home my name tag-- I still love ya anyway even if I didn't write a letter.  This week we had an experience where we were walking down the street and saw this man watering his lawn.  I didn't feel like talking religion to him-- all I said was "Hi sir is there any service that you need-- any help that you need?"  After talking for a while we found out he did not have money to hire a gardner and also in that same conversation he is allergic.  We offered our help and he accepted.   In that conversation again he said that 2 years ago his wife died and his mom died when he was 10 years old.   It will be good to share the plan of salvation.  He said,  "Normally I would not talk to you guys but felt I should.   It was really good he is one of those prepared people.   2 days later we were able to do service and help him out, we asked if we can come by another time and do more service and share our message.  He said he would be interested.   So can't wait to teach him--I'm really excited.  It was fun doing yard work-- we were there for 2 hours,  it was fun.
General conference was amazing.  I was so shocked by President Monson's big announcement for the missionary age.  Now a lot more missionaries will be going out, expecially the sister missionaries.  It was good.   I really enjoyed the first speaker Elder Cook, Elder Holland was amazing, he taught the scriptures, he definitely expounded them.   I liked the one by the seventy with the sergeant yelling at everyone and when he came to this specific soldier he said is this your Book of Mormon yes sir!!!   It was a good talk, he definitely did stand alone.  I like when they shared their own personal experiences. I don't remember all the conference talks but will re-read them.  I am excited for that and can't wait.   I felt the spirit and do remember that I enjoyed hearing the council and direction that they were giving us.  I enjoyed conference, the apostles were a lot more bold and I liked that they are saying listen!!!  
BYU whoooo hoo!  Oh next week when you watch BYU football look for the last name of fuga number 96 or 98.  His family lives in the ward where I am serving, and they are huge BYU  fans so I talk to them about BYU and they are getting me a shirt with his signature on it, I am excited for that. 
Sorry not much,  just a slow week and this week will be better because we are both experienced and the work will increase a lot faster, everything will go well.
Thanks mom I love ya.   Thank you Mom and Dad for all you have done for me.   I am really enjoying my mission.
Love Elder Bowles

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