Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Oct. 1, 2012: Hermana Bowles--IQUITOS!

Hola Familia.

It`s a pretty funny thing.......the week normally goes speeding by and I barely feel like seven days have past, but this last week was just the opposite and went on and on and on.  Maybe it`s the lack of sleep and traveling all packed into one week, but it sure has been hectic around here. I am so grateful that Hermana Vasquez and I can still be together.

Sunday night, 9:36, after we got the call from President Blunck, we started packing EVERYTHING.  Washed clothes, went through was a mess.Finally got everything together after internet Monday morning and were in the airport by 4:00 that afternoon.  As we waited for the flight to Lima, members from the branch started was sad though, because a bunch of them got there after we had to pass through security and we had to wait in the "glassed-off room".  Tears started flooding down my cheeks because all of our "moms" came to say goodbye.  They squeezed into a giant group against the glass and waved and waved when we went to leave. We passed notes back and forth through a crack in the window panes until it came time to go.  Walked out of the airport onto the turf and when we climbed up the stairs to go into the plane, we looked back and saw that everyone was in the cafeteria section above, pressed up against the glass, and waving.

The sister conference was AMAZING!!!  First of all, all of us coming from the jungle got to stayin this hotel around the corner from the mission offices called "Hotel Ginebra." It was so beautiful and had HOT water!!!!  I think I nearly spent 30 minutes showering in love with the steam.....President and Sister Blunck trained us a lot on being more direct and being good "planters."  We practiced on getting to "the point" (baptism) when we teach.  You could feel so much love from President and Sister Blunck it was incredible.  I love being a sister mssionary.

The members have been so wonderful at helping us get to know the area. Really, it`s kind of small comparing it to the areas I had in Moyo and Morales.  We are busy almost starting from new but it seems like here, the people acept baptism here a whole lot easier.

Love always,
Hermana Bowles

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