Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday Oct. 29, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:
Man what a small small world we have here.  I was at the trunk and treat and he was like "Are you Elder Bowles?"  I said yes.   He said,  "My wife's sister lives in Utah and her name is Natalie.  I was like what, so we met and it was great.  So strange-- it is like the 4th or 5th person on my mission that I have met that knows me or someone else I know.
This week we got a referral from the other missionaries.  It is a family where the wife is a member and the husband is not a member.  Her parents joined the church when she was young and her parents are still active.  She joined because the missionary who was teaching at the time didn't have a baptism so she was like okay baptize me so you can have a baptism.  She said I don't agree some things in this church.  Also her husband said that also, so you won't get through to me.   But if you get through to my husband then I follow him. So we got to teach her husband and get some questions answered and hopefully we get more questions answered this week.  It was good.
The trunk and treat was good about 200-250 people came and there were some good creative trunks, and some were not that good.  It went till about 7:30 and one car pulled out.  Soon as that car pulled out then another car and before you know it it's over and that's it for the night.  A couple of nonmembers came, a part member family and I think maybe a less active came.
Yesterday was the combined Priesthood and Relief Society Meeting and the Bishop spoke.  He is a good faithful Bishop.  He talked about the power of forgiveness.  He talked about being offended.  Sometimes a person is offended then they leave the church for the most ridiculous thing ever.  Then he talked a lot on forgiving people.   There was one story he read.  I forgot the name of the person who originally told this story.  The story went that the owner walks in his house and the baby is gone, then he sees the dog walking up to the owner with blood on his face, maybe the baby was hurt I don't know but he was mad at the dog.  Instead of finding out why the dog was bloody, he killed it.  When he went in the back he saw a dead coyote.  Then he realized the dog was protecting the baby and the dog killed the coyote.  He realized he should have forgiven the dog.  So it was a really good talk about forgiveness.  This bishop was expounding the scriptures.  He would read something then said let's turn to the scriptures then he would show us.  Man he is a great missionary and definitely cares about everyone.
Also this week I threw up on Wednesday, in for the night, then on Thursday and Friday my companion Elder Otis got sick.  Everyone is getting sick.  So this week we got a new investigator and we got sick, how does that work?  But all is well.  
Elder Bowles

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