Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday January 30, 2012: Hermana Bowles

¡Hola Familia!
I am so sorry for last week.  It was a complete disaster internet-wise because we were in Nueva Caja Marca and once my internet finally pulled up after forty minutes I couldn`t send ni un partecito de nada!  AAAHHH…..but now we`re in Rioja like normal and so everything is working.
This last week was really incredible for Hna. Nuñez and I.  It`s so bitter sweet because she flies to Lima on Sunday and then goes home Tuesday.  I really feel like I`m losing a part of myself.  I really feel like family with her that it`s strange to think of teaching with someone else.  Six months with one companion is really strange.  We have one more baptism before she leaves on Sunday.  
 Wow….rain rain rain.  There was one day this last little while that literally turned the streets into rivers.  Luckily we had just hopped into a moto before the rain really hit, but every time a car drove by it splashed water in.  Needless to say we got pretty soaked that day.  Yesterday we were walking from one of the lower streets in our area, Miraflores, up to a higher street, Bella Aurora, to visit a less-active.  For about five feet in front of us it was a complete lake.  I had my smurph jacket and rainboots on and Hna. Nuñez had her rain poncho on because it was raining.  Hna. Nuñez laughed when she saw the lake in front of us and said “haha…it looks like you`ll have to carry me.”  We both kind of laughed, but then realized that it was true because the stretch was impassible with water up to the ankles.  If we wanted to save her shoes, I would have to carry her. ….so….up on my back we went and I waddled through the lake-puddle.  If that`s not companionship love, then I don`t know what is 
Ate a new kind of meat this week: majas.  I don`t even know if that`s how it`s spelled and the word isn`t in my dictionary and so I`m left still wondering what I ate.  Supposedly it was some kind of jungle rodent.  All I know is that Hna. Blanca was serving the meat on my plate when the foot of something with fur on it dropped onto my plate.  I tried asking Hna. Nuñez what it was and all she said was “after.  Just eat.” Oh great.  Halfway through lunch we started almost arguing about what it was.  Right now it`s between: conejo (rabbit), cuy (gerbil), or this majas thing that I have no idea what it is.
I think if I could sum up my week in a word it would be agency.  This less-active program has taught me so much patience and love.  We can visit and visit someone and have the spirit and everything, but it is really up to the person to come back.  We started teaching a mechanic and his less active friend from Iquitos this week and it was really incredible.  The faces of people in Iquitos are ….different.  I don`t know how else to explain it.  We had this great first lesson and then we asked the less active from Iquitos to pray…..he started laughing….for about ten minutes.  Hna. Nuñez was really good and kept a straight face, but him, his friend, and I all kind of lost it.  Anyway, the mechanic came to the capilla (chapel) ayer (yesterday) all on his own!  It`s kind of funny, too, because they were both drunks who gave us their address to come visit them…..Heavenly Father prepares people in his own way.
Love always,
Hermana Bowles

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