Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Excerpts from letters from Hermana Bowles--1-11-12

*  I think nearly everyone has a motorcycle or a moto-taxi here.
*  Whenever we have to go to Tarapoto, we have to drive through lots of construction.  The ladies with their cookies and bagged fruit and gelatins run up to the window.  I love buying my bag of 8 mandarins for only 1 sol!
*  Oh...speaking of comvees...I'm pretty sure they don't have speedometers.  We just barrel down the road crammed together like sardines.  A few weeks ago, a preacher guy stood up and preached the whole 45 minutes to Rioja.
*  I'm still learning, but you can hear the raining coming from off in the jungle.  The clouds hang over the hills.  Also, when the brilliant white clouds mix with dark grey, that means rain.

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