Monday, January 16, 2012

Mojadita Moyobamba: Monday Januarey 16, 2012: Hermana Bowles

Hola Familia!
I did it...I finally bought rain boots over the weekend and used them the first night I bought them.   And what is it now?   Pure. HOT.   I guess I`ll be prepared for the future.  

Yes my health is good good.  I`ve really been blessed that way.  I generally know what will irritate my stomach and can mainly keep it under control.  I`ve definitely gotten used to tons and tons of`s breakfast in paradise.
Pictures on CDs....Hermana Nunez dd that with her pictures and I think it`s a really good idea.....JUST don`t look through all of my pictures until I get home, okay?
Patricia and her daughters are some of my favorites to visit now.  She signed the permission to baptize her daughter the first weekend in February.   When we went the other night she popped popcorn and made yummy avena (it`s like cream of wheat but better).  When we started teaching Manuela about the Plan of Salvation it was neat because it was so simple to explain to a child.  Speaking of children, we went and visited the famly of the elders quorum president.  His wife just had their fourth child.  We made lunch and ate with them sunday.  Their house feels so special with this cute nine day old baby boy.  You can feel that he just left from somewhere special...:)
Closing quote I found that I love from preach my gospel:
Obtendremos nuestra exaltacion en el reino celestial solo con la condicion de que compartamos con los demas higod de nuestro padre las bendiciones del evangelio de Jesucristo y guardemos los mandamientos que enriqueceron nuestra vida ahora y en el mas alla. pte. george albert smith
Here is my poor translation without checking Preach my Gospel (Karla):  "We will obtain our exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom only on condition that we share with others the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ and keep the commandments which will enrich our life right now and in the life to come."
love you all lots. Stay good. Read your scriptures ;)
Hermana Bowles

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