Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm staying in Compton! Elder Bowles: January 23, 2012

Hey Mom and Dad,
Aaa snow.   Why do you have to tell me that?   Waaaaa now If I were home I would go skiing and go skiing that very day. Right now it is raining and it said it will continue to rain throughout the day.  So maybe in a couple of days it will snow a lot in Utah.  I am excited for that.  That so cool Jordan will meet that guy in Forever strong so that is something to look forward to.  I will take pictures when I can. 
  Here is a weird experience I had this week.  I was at a recent convert’s house and they have been members since July.  This topic is so weird and is rarely discussed with missionaries.  She said hey you know that God wants us to multiply the earth you know have more children and I was like oh no I don't want to be in this conversation.  She said there are some women who can't have children.  She wanted to know if she can use her eggs to help others have children.  It was a long discussion and we told her to pray and talk to the bishop about it.  Anyway after that she had another question.  I was like oh no not another weird question!  She wanted a tattoo.  The reason she wanted a tatto is so she can remember her kids and it will be on her arm forever.  We told her you will be breaking a commandment and we explained why you should not get one.  She still wanted one then I said,  (I was trying to follow the spirit then the spirit told me to say this) “Liz, a Memory in your heart is much more powerful than just a simple tatoo.” A long silence than she said that's true and didn't think of it again.  Good thing I followed the spirit.  Cool right? Thank you for sending that letter I got from Andy.  I wrote to Andy and he wrote back.  Andy wrote what his name tag says.  It was pretty cool. 
Are you ready for this, Elder Bowles is staying!!! I’m in Compton for another transfer with Elder Warmoth.  One more transfer.  My companion is feeling all better, he is allergic to dairy so he can’t eat any kind of dairy.  I feel really bad.  I love dairy mooooo!  No investigators but we have some very strong potentials who I know will become strong investigators.  I will continue working harder this year and me and Elder Warmoth will get another baptism in Compton. 
It was stake conference this week.  It was a special stake conference because it was broadcasted from Salt Lake and the speakers were-- Elder Snow, One of the sisters in the relief society, Elder Johnston and the Apostle Elder Perry.  It was really cool.  Elder Perry spoke on how we all live in a wonderful time where the gospel is on the earth in its fullness and he goes on to talk on the restoration of the gospel.  It was good.  The others talked about Faith, Teachings of Jesus and another topic which I forgot.  It was really cool.  Tomorrow 20 missionaries are leaving and 20 are coming into the mission.  There are some missionaries which I will never forget and will probably hang out with after my mission.  
I have one question.  I heard that you were talking to the moms who sons are on the mission.  I heard you talked to Elder Warmoth’s mom, Elder Wade’s mom and who else?   Try and find Elder Stringham’s mom.  He is done with his mission and will be going home back to utah. 
Thanks I had a great week. 
 Love ELder Bowles

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