Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday January 16, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad.
I sent the email to you and grandma last week.  I don't know why yours did not go though.  It said it went through.  I am just worried about the Cd getting crushed on the way to Utah so I thought it might be better to send it through email and keep the memory card here on my mission then when I return home I will share it with you.  I can get the CD at walmart and next week I will copy it so so it might not get home in a week and half.   Friday night Elder Warmoth got sick and we stayed for the weekened at the apartment so no chance to get out.   I took lots of picuters like 2 weeks ago.  I hope you like them.   I am trying to take lots of pictures.  I emailed those pictures to you.   Nothing much this week but sweet Zone conference and they talked about being the good missinary that our parents think we are.  Teach people by the sprit and discern people's needs.  SO it was good.  I saw my district leader from the MTC Elder Usevitch I have not seen him for a long time.  Transfers are next week so 22-24 missionaries are going home and there are about 130-140 in the whole mission.  We are getting about 20 missionaries in every transfer.  By april it will start slowing down.  We can't really go anywhere on P-Day because we are the farthest from the beach.  We can go to the beach, go to the aquariam go on queen mary.  We are limited to so many miles on our mission car.  We would waste miles.  When I serve down hunnington beach and downtown longbeach I will get to do those things.  We are about 40 miles  from the beach.  I have been really close to my 2 areas for my whole mission so I never got down close to the beach.  I have been stuck in this one area.  When I get down I am so doing it don't worry.  No new favorite food but feeling weight gain!!!   aaaa Tongan wards feed us so much.  We would eat a chicken then don't eat any more.  Then they said Elders eat more please so we eat onother one, then they tell us again and another one.  Then we get stuffed.  They are really nice people and feed us a ton.   Their mission is to feed the elders.   One more day to go.  Tranfers call next week and I will tell you if I am staying in Compton or leaving to serve somewhere else.  This week I am going to work harder because the last few days we stayed in the apartment because Elder Warmoth was sick. We will pick it back up next week and hopefully find an new investigator.  
  Thanks Love Elder Bowles

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