Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad,

Yes it is very different in Compton not like Cerritos or Norwalk.    I saw Compton High 
School and it is Very big and the school is fenced up so no one can get in during the 
night.  My Companion is Elder Tabbit and he is from Boise Idaho.   He has got two more 
months left on his mission.  He is very smart and likes to read.  He loves Golf cars and 
to do things on his own.  In Compton me and Elder Tabbit are working with the less active 
members and the recent converts and trying to get them to stay active in the Gospel.  
They all need a friend in the church and someone they can look up to.  We may have a 
baptism by the end of this tranfer because there are some good potential investigators 
ready to get baptized.  I am Excited. 
Is it possible that you can get Doctorine and Covenat DVD?  It is really cool and has 
lots of Videos to watch with anyone.   Maybe one CD for a Christmas present.  I have CD's 
but maybe another one that has more church music on it. 

My companion is telling me all about Compton and that it's a really good area!  In this 
particular area we cover the entire stake.  We cover the English ward and the Tongan 
ward.  Yes the tongan ward speaks their own language and No I do not understand one thing 
when I am in there because it in tongan.  In the tongan culture it is different and we 
have to do things differently than the English ward does.  So sometimes it can be 
frustrating.  All I know in tongan is Maloe wich means Thank you.  So Maloe.  I told you 
about the other ward that it did not feed us that much for dinners.  Between the two 
wards we get fed every night so the missionaries will never grow hungry  they will always 
have food to eat.  In My district the elders joke how by the end of this tranfer I will 
be like little Yoda (in Star Wars)  I am going to work out harder so I won't be like 
Yoda.  I am not Yoda yet!!!  My Companion says I am, no I am not.  The food is so good 
here and I love it and it is true I will never grow hungry again in this area.  In 
Compton it is so Crazy, it is not like Utah I don't know what it is and how all these 
people came to Compton.  I am sorry that  I couldn't write that much about Compton this 
week but just wait I will be here for 5 weeks and I will write a lot about Compton.  Be 
sure to stay away from Compton when you visit during Thanksgiving break.  Compton is 
Crazy.  Hey I saw spiderman yesterday in Compton-- it was so funny.  A homeless guy 
dressed up like spiderman    It was so funny.  Well I got to go. 
  Thanks for all you have done.   Thanks for getting another Preach My Gospel, mine is 
falling apart.  Thank You  Happy Halloween!!  I love you Thanks.  
I will have some adventures in Compton!!!!    
Love Elder Bolwes.  I love you.

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