Thursday, November 10, 2011

11-10-11Hermana Bowles

Excerpts from Kristin’s letter received 11-10-11

There are lots of stores here in Moyobamba.  Imagine St. George or Jackson Hole.  Really inhapited, outskirts are jungle.  Funny, but there are more stores here than where I was at in Lima.  For a living, most people teach in colegios, drive motos (basically a 4-wheeler taxi), vender en el Mercado, or sell from their chakra (land/garden they own in the jungle).  Hermana Nunez and I don’t cook anything here, but today I took eggs to a lady in the ward to hard-boil them for me in meals.

  Random thought—but I was just thinking about my awesome fruit deal this week.  Gave Hna Blanca (lady in the branch) money to go to the Mercado for bananas and oranges for me (since she can get good prices and I can’t as a gringa).  I am now the proud owner of around 60 platanos (bananas) and 25 oranges fresh out of the jungle.  The bananas were cut off their stalk and day by day ripen in the back room.  Breakfast is a “banana cereal”:  4 sliced bananas, milk, sprinkling of cereal on top.  Absolutely delicious.  Hna Nunez only eats lunch for free with members.  We’re on our own for breakfast and dinner, but it is so much better this way! 

One of the main downers with food is ants.  If it is not in the mini-fridge, it will get eaten.  Last week I had my box of cereal closed on top of the fridge, but the package open inside .  We left for the day and came home that night to find a trail of ants leading up the fridge and the side of the box into my cereal.  Opened the box and the inside was swarming with ants.  Gross…….wasted 6 soles.

We get mail as often as people come from Lima so letters come at least once every four weeks.  There are 14 missionaries in our zone with 8 in Moyobamba, 4 in Nueva Caja Marca and 2 in Rioja.  We have meetings in Rioja because it’s most central—30 minutes each way in comvee.  Our district is half elders and half sisters.  Out of the Elders, one is zone leader and the other is district leader.  I think it must be really strange for them considering there are some zones that don’t even have one companionship of hermanas.  Even if just to have a hug or smile, it’s nice to be around more hermanas. 

People and their dreams here never cease to amaze me.  Hermana Nunez always wakes up in the morning and tells me about the dream she had the night before.  Last week she dreamed about President Hinckley and the week before last about President Faust.   I sleep like a rock. 

Hope all is well at home.  Hna Nunez says my hair has lightened a lot and is blonder and redder and my foot tan line is definitely starting.

Love you both,  Kristin.

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