Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday November 14, 2011: Hermana Bowles--MUD

¡Hola Familia!

Today is news on the changes yet, but I´m feeling confident that nothing is going to happen with the hermanas.  Let you know next week.

Wow!  A week of weather that put a damper on things.  Zone conference was cancelled because President Blunck´s plane (with his counselors, the mission doctor, their spouses, and the asistentes) couldn´t land in Tarapoto because of the huge rainstorm and had to return to Lima.  We were all really sad not to see them, but luckily Christmas is only a month away and they´ll try again then.

The primary program was moved to next week.  I think maximum, there are only fifteen kids in the primary.  Little Johnny is still screaming "Sigue el profeta!" at the top of his lungs during the chorus of "Follow the Prophet" so it looks like we´re in good shape next week to perform in front of the ward.  I get the giggles every time he starts to "sing" and hope hope hope that he screams just as loud next week so the branch can laugh, too.  This Sunday was the Sunday of Sundays as far as stress in Spanish.  Us Hermanas spoke in church with the Elders on the obra misional in service, charity, joy/obedience, and unity.  My tema was la caridad (my topic was charity) and the highpoint is that Hna. Nuñez said people could understand me.  After learning that charity is the pure love of Christ, Hna Nuñez showed me an amazing scripture in the end of 1 Juan 4 that says those who love God and not others are liars.  Wow.  That´s about as blunt and direct as it gets.  After speaking in Sacrament Meeting it was my turn to teach the investigator principios del Evangelio clase.  Luckily, Hna. Nuñez and I worked it out so my week landed on "El Albedrío".  Translation, anyone?  I can´t think of the word in English......woohoo!  I had a spanish breakthrough this week.  Went on splits sunday and I visited less-actives with one of the youngwomen in the branch.....I actually survived with my spanish!  The gift of tongues is real and I am so grateful for it.....I need to work harder to have it all the time.

We started having weekly intercambios with the other hermanas in Moyo.  Every week we switch companions and areas.  So far we´ve switched twice and I have learned so much!  I´m glad that we have changes again this week.  It´s nice to see how other people teach and explain things and listen to the Spirit.....yeah, still working on listening to the Spirit. 

con amor,
Hermanita Bowles

Dear Abuela Dew:

Sounds like you´re staying busy with genealogy.  They´re trying to get family history started here, but it´s hard when the only computer is at the church and not very many people know how to use the programs.  Hna. Blanca, the branch missionary, though, is preparing family names for the temple since she plans to go to Lima in December.  How exciting is that?!

We´ve had lots of rain and cold weather here, too.....which means TONS of mud. I learned the parable of the muddy road this week. poor shoes.  The elders are lucky that they can wear hardy combat boots beneath their pants, but the sisters are left to fend for themselves in the mud.  Hermana Nuñez and I were walking up a muddy hill to a member´s house for lunch.  My shoes were squelching in the oopygoopy brown and my shoe even stayed in the mud at one point and my foot came free. We looked ahead to a section of the road that looked completely impassable because of the mud. I sighed and said, "well, I guess it´s a question of which side has less mud to pass through." Hermana Nuñez laughed and said, "No, it´s a question of which side has more hard earthmounds/rocks to use as a path." I had this cool moment where I realized that that´s like life. We can sit there and look at the mud, when really we need to concentrate on the rocks that will safely get us to the other side. It doesn´t matter how much "mud" (hardships, trials, sin, etc.) we have in life, as long as we use the surefast steps in life to keep us clean from the "mud." Haha.....I guess I´m thankful for muddy roads some days to teach me lessons like this.

con amor,

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