Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday November 27, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad. 

 It was a good Thanksgiving.  Before Thanksgiving two families wanted to feed us.  I was like oh oh that is not good.  We will get fat.  The first house we ate at was a Somoan house.  They had the big turkey dinner.  Turkey,ham, potatoes and gravy, stuffing all of it.  and cheescake.  My district leader is ELder Otis and he is a little chubby.  All the Elders are trying to make me turn into a mini Otis.  They add a lot of stuff to my plate.  I ate all of it.  At the end I ate cheesecake which was good.  The members almost made me eat another one.  I was like aaaaaa I am really full!!!  I didn't have to eat it.  That was close.  Our second dinner was at a Mexican house.  After the first dinner we had about 3 hours for our stomachs to rest.  The next dinner came and aaa I am not hungry.  But we have to go in because they invited us.  It was another big huge dinner and they had cake at the end.  I ate so much food and probably gained 5 pounds.  Christmas is around the corner and I will get fed a lot there.  So right now I will work harder in my exersises in the mornings so I can lose a few pounds from thankgiving but I will gain it all the way back.  Good thing I liked staying in shape from cross country.  I will run when I get back home.  I am not a mini Otis just yet but they are trying.  I am watching them. 

You said you went to the office.  The Elder that you met was Elder Atherton.  He was in my district at the MTC.  I can't believe you were really close to my area.  I was like ten minutes to 20 minutes away from the mission office.  Elder Atherton is a good missionary and I really like him, he is a very good person.  Compton is going good.  The previous missionaries were doing good.  They baptized people but they never took the time to find new investigators.  So right now we just have one investigator.  He goes to church on saturdays and knows the prophets in the Book of Mormon are true.  We are helping him to know for himself that this is the church that he should belong to.  It was good  still in the progress on finding new investigators.  Happy Happy Birthday dad.  

This Christmas is going to be good.  Our ward is having their Christmas party this Friday.  We are invited of course   They are going to have the Christmas dinner.  Then have a little show.  Then right before santa comes in the missionaries us are going to read them a christmas story.  That way it will make the children calm down before Santa comes.  We have a part to play at the ward christmas dinner.  It's going to be fun reading a christmas story to the kids.  Now that's christmas.  I can't wait.  I am going to have Christmas in Compton    That's  this week--  I got fat gained 5 pounds, you came to California which is scary really close to me, And we get to read a Christmas story to the kids.  Merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

 Love Elder Bowles

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