Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday November 14, 2011: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:

A crazy week.  My companion Elder  Tabbit has been having some knee problems just right above the knee.  It hurts when he walks long distances and hurts when he climbs stairs.  It just hurts all the time for him.  My companion like 5 days ago talked to President Bubert about his knee.  The church does not like doing surgery on the mission and since Elder Tabbit only has two months left the church told him that he is honorably released.   He does not have to come back and make up the time.  It's like a medical release.  Elder Tabbit was really shocked about him going home.  He did not know what to do.  He asked me if I could give him a blessing.  He said you need all the Revelation from god right now you could get.  I gave him a blessing.  I said what the Holy Ghost wanted me to say.  At the end of the blessing Elder Tabbit said.  Thanks, that is what I needed to hear.  It is so cool that whenever we are worthy of the Holy Ghost it can be with us forever whenever we need it--  Night or day.  President told him that he goes home this Monday wich is today.  My new companion and I dropped him off at the Long Beach Airport and President was waiting right there.  We took his bags said our goodbyes and we were off.  He was with President Bubert and ELder Tabbit left today to go back home to Idaho to get his leg fixed up.  I was stuck in the apartment for the week.  My new companion Is Elder Warmoth and he is also from Idaho.  He loves Basketball and football.  SO I am excited.  I only knew Elder Tabbit for a week, but he went home and a week later I get a new companion Elder Warmoth.  Both of us really don't know the area and we are basically whitewashing it.  Whitewashing means we don't know the area, don't know what doors the missionaries knocked on and we are just basically starting from scratch.  We will have to use both of our brains to get the work rolling back in and pick up for the lost time.  There are a lot of good potentials and me and ElderWarmoth are going to work hard because we know we will get a baptism.

Have they started on the Provo Tabernacle Temple yet?  I saw the artist drawing of it.  It is really cool.  That is my crazy week.  Food is good we ate pig yesterday.  The pig was on a stick and was cooked and ready to be eaten.  That is tongan culture.  It was fun. 
Thanks I love you all.
Love,  Elder Bowles

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