Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Monday March 5, 2012--Elder Bowles-Goodbye Compton

Man oh man.  A really good week.  This may take some time to write about it.
 Guess what-- I am getting tranferred tomorrow.
AAAaaa.  I am going up in Whittier.  So it is time to move on.  I've been in
Compton for 4 1/2 months and now I get to go to a new area.  It is
going to be really cool.  Man some new things are happening in our
neighborhood --I am going to miss it all.  We had some new missionry
experiences yesterday.  On saturday the car said we had a quater of a
tank of gas left.  We usually make it to Monday because we don't drive
that much on Sundays because we are at church most of the time.  I am
leaving Tuesday so I have been going to members homes and getting a picture
with them before I leave.
 Last night we go by this last member and
they were not home.  We can't go anywhere because we have no gas.  It
is empty!!!  So we decided to walk  and talk to some people and Elder
Warmoth gets the impression that we should stop by the Mona house and see
how they are doing.   Right as we get there they were heading to the 
hospital.  Maciona (the husband) said his daughter was in the hospital.
then they asked if we could give them a blessing.  We had to take our
car because they were going to stay a lot longer.  Right before we
followed them I thought that we should say a prayer I said a prayer that
we would make it safely there and back with gas left.  When we went on
the freeway the gas beeped saying to fill it up.  We had faith and knew
we would get back.  So we kept going.  Maciano's daughter was playing on
a gate then the gate fell on her and she hit her head on the cement.
she is like only one year old.  They checked her head and she has a
cracked skull.  her head is all swollen and buised up.  so it was bad.
She was not happy.  Good thing for doctors  who take their time
expecially on a Sunday.  So we go and give her a blessing.  My
companion did the anointing.  When he touched her head she started
crying but when he started saying the ordinance the baby stopped crying.
Then it was my turn to give the blessing.  Right before I did it I
looked right into that baby's eyes and she looked right at me and I told
her it was going to be okay.  She did not cry after the blessing.  It
was a good blessing, I don't know how to discribe it.  Before we
left the hospital there was a man on that same floor who came up to
me and said,  "Can you give my daughter a blessing, please."  We go
there and it turns out they are members and they are from Mexico.
There are here because their daughter has down sydrome and just had
open heart surgery-- she is like 5 months old.  There are better doctors
here in the states that can operate on their daughter.  It was so good to see them.  
They didn't know how to contact the missionaries so it was being in the right place at the right time.
  After the blessing the mom started crying and thanked for being at the right time at the right place.  
It was a spiritual night.    We are on the way back to the
apartment and our car is way empty and barely starts.  We say another
prayer and made it safely back to the apartment.  So it was really
cool.  A good spiritual week.

I don' t have my new address but I will give it to you next week.
Last week I went to get a suit but did not have many options so I am
going into my old area and going to Mens Warehouse and getting a
good suit. So I willl be doing that today and I also get to go to the
aquarium today.  There was a member that works there and she got us 3
free tickets.  We are going and two other missinaries but all of us
will pay the last one together.  It will be cool.  I am excited to
go.  Well that's my week.
 Thanks Mom and Dad.  I love you.    Have a wonderful day.  
Bye Bye.  Love Elder Bowles

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