Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday March 12, 2012: Elder Bowles

Hey yep, I am in whittier.  I am the farthest from the beach as you can
get and the farthest from the mission office.  So I am just getting to
know the area.  Yesterday we had 5 new investigators at church.  It
was really good.  We have a potential family that could get baptized.
His name is Steve and he has been investigating the church for 16
years and is not a member.  He goes to church every Sunday and knows
the Book of Mormon is true, and knows the church is true.  He is just not
baptized.  He loves the church.  So we are going to find out why he
does not want to get baptized.  He just smokes about 2 cigarettes a day
other than that he is a golden investigator.
 Since I have been up here there are some members who give excuses
why they don't come to church.  Example number one:  she broke her shoulder about 2
months ago and it still hurts, she does not want to come to church.  Example
number two:  the husband has lots of health
issues but was completely fine to us and can walk around.  They don't
come to church because there are not enough handicap parking spots and it's
too far to walk up and come in church.  Why don't they just drop him off at the
curb so he does not have to go far and the wife
can find a parking spot.  There is nothing wrong with the wife.  They
think they are active but they are not.  There are some interesting
members in the ward.  Now I am going to try to get them to come back to CHURCH!!!!

Last night we went to a less active home and in his garage he has all
these old antique things.  He has an original printing press.  It is a
1927 printing press.  It is really cool.  And there were other old
printing presses so it was really cool.  He showed us how it worked.
If I had one I would see how long I can write the Book of Mormon on
that printing press.  So it was really cool and I love history, that
we can see.  They don't teach you this stuff anymore.  So it was cool.

Last week on my P_Day we went to the aquarium and Queen Mary and got my
suit so I took lot"s of pictures but I left my cord in my old area.
I should get it back this week or next week.  Sorry I can't send
any pictures.  I am getting used to the area and will tell you all
about it next week and will have more mission stories.  It has been
all good so it is really great.  Thanks for supporting me I love you
mom and dad.
 Love Elder Bowles

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