Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday March 12, 2012: Hermana Bowles--"The Most Beautiful Place on the Planet"

Hola Familia:
  About two days ago an annoying cough took hold of my lungs and I am officially
"Hermana Frog."  Hna. Rodriguez and I have come out in giggles a
couple times when we`ve been singing hymns in church or in lessons
because my voice sounds like an adolescent boy with all of its squeaks
and plunges.  At around six every night it really sets in and I sound
so croaky.  I honestly think that I scared away some of the people
that we talked to last night because of my voice.....oops.  I bought
some anti-cough pills/anti-inflammatory pills or something to help me,
but who knows if they`ll really help....I hope so.  Meanwhile, I`ll
just keep croaking through the hymns....somehow it`s funner that way.

Yes, I am teaching English to Hna. Rodriguez.  What`s even better, though,
is that she wants to learn!!!  We read ten minutes of the Book of
Mormon everyday together in English and it`s amazing to see her
pronunciation get better and better (haha...afterwards, she does the
same for me but in Spanish).

I think the jungle in Peru is one of the beautiful places on the
planet.  For P-day today we went to some caves in Nueva Caja Marca.
All I could think about inside was how this whole earth was created
beautifully....even the crevices which hardly anyone sees like a
jungle cave crevace in the jungle in Peru, is an art masterpiece.  So
cool to see.

We had Zone Conference this week in wonderful!  It was a
tri-conference with Moyobamba, Tarapoto, and Yurimaguas.
was a bit like being back in the MTC seeing so many missionaries
together in the same place. It`s always so powerful seeing everyone
together and realizing how we are all working in the same sacred work.

I had kind of an epiphany of something I`ve always known, but hit me
really strongly this week.  We were teaching one lady, Katy, and her
mother, Joicee.  We were asking when we could revisit when her husband
was going to be home so we could share more with him, too (especially
since it was him that we contacted originally).  Katy looked at me and
said, "my husband is catholic. Plus, he doesn`t really welcome any of
this religion stuff."  I told her what popped into my head.  "Hermana,
what religion do you think are God`s children?  Do you think they`re
just adventistas, catolicas, or mormones?"  She kind of smiled and
said that everyone is a child of God.  "Bueno, hermana.  You could
explain to your husband that we`re only sharing His plan for His
children."  It was kind of an epiphany to explain to someone that
we`re teaching a plan they`ve always known, even if they
don`t want it it won`t hurt to learn more about God.

love always,
Hermana Bowles

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  1. always good to hear from Hermana Bowles, and her epiphany!