Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday March 26, 2012: Hermana Bowles--Still in Moyo!

 Hola Familia:

This transfer I'm staying in Moyo with Hermana Rodriguez.
I had one of the neatest experiences this week.  One of the families that came to the capilla (chapel)  last week is fromYantalon, a pueblo about 20 minutes in Moto from Moyo.  It`s really hard for them to come because they live in the chacra and it`s an hour walk to the the rain and mud it makes it extremely difficult.  They`re really faithful and have they`re own little sunday devotionals if they can`take it to church on sunday.  They asked us to come and visit this weekend.....quite an adventure based off of the hermana`s directions.  Took the moto 20 minutes to Yantalon and found her son waiting in the plaza.  Walked down to their house (the one that is NOT in the chacra) and taught about the importance of the scriptures and started them on their Book of Mormon maps (the fill in the step as you go paper).  They were so grateful to have us and fed us fruit and more fruit and arroz con leche.  Walked back to the motos with their daughter on her bike after feeling perfectly content.  I could really feel how the Lord sees our efforts no matter where we live.  Hope all is well at home.
Hermana Bowles

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