Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday March 19, 2012: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:
Man oh man.
It rained a lot.  I think it rained Saturday and Sunday.  It was a lot and
we did a lot of walking in the rain.  I was soaked-- yes I had my
jacket but I was out there for a long time I just got wet.  The reason
we were out when it rains is because people will see us working in the rain and
sometime down the road they will invite us in.  That's smart isn't it?  Here
is my address to the apartment in Whittier.  10350 Santa Gertrudes
Whitter CA 90604 #203  Well I am in whitter, the farthest from the
mission office.  Whitter is known as what is called the Black Hole.  The
reason it is called the Black Hole is missionaries get sent up here
and they never return back to Long Beach.  It's typically 6 months for
each missionary.  So I could be here till September for my birthday.

I don't know if I told you that my companion is a Visa Waiter.  In
2 weeks he will be going to Brazil.  Right now he is learning Portuguese.
  I will tell you about him.  He is from Vancouver Washington.  I think he has 3 siblings.  and
he is the oldest one.  He is a good missionary--very obedient.
He just has 2 more weeks.  Elder Henry is going to Brazil and his
mission will be a lot more relaxed.  This mission is one of the
strictest missions ever.  
This area is usually on bike so I stole a car from one of the
elders and now we have a car.  Our car is the 2009 Mazda 3.  We will be
getting a new 2012 Mazda--  can't wait.
 In two weeks we will be going to the temple again.  and it is special.  
The temple president would like to speak with the missionaries after the session.
 It is mine 3rd time in a row where I get to be in the room when the temple president
speaks.  It is going to be awesome.
 My ward is the oldest ward in the
mission.   It's mostly old people in that ward.  I am in the whittier zone
and we have 6 in our district 4 elders and 2 sisters. .  I
wore mine new suit this Sunday and I looked Hot!!!!  I am in style.  I
forgot to take a picture of me in it but next week I will.  My suit is a
dark gray and $200-220 it was on sale that day.  So it was good and the
suit will last me on my mission.  Thanks   I love mine new suit.
The lady was like try-- this suit on and I was like Hey I kind of like
that color so I got it.  And it was the perfect fit.  So I am not

We have an investigator this week Nicole and she is scheduled to be
baptized this Saturday the 24th.  It a little shaky.  Mom do you
remember on your mission that the last week before the investigator gets
baptized Satan puts all these dumb doubts into people's heads?   That's
what is happening to our investigator.  It's about the word of wisdom.  She
has no problem living it but she wants to find out where it actually
said it was a commandment.  SO we are meeting her this Tuesday.  Have
you seen that show make it or brake it?  It's going to be like that.
Make it lesson( basically save her and she is good for baptism this
Saturday)  or brake it.(she is not ready and will postpone the baptism
for next week or 2.  This is the most intense lesson that we will ever
do.  So we are getting prepared and it's going to be intense.  I let you
know how it goes.
 Thank you so much mom and dad I love you  
Elder Bowles

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