Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday January 14, 2013: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:
It has been cold in Utah,  I am going to die in utah when I get off the plane and I am going to be like oh it is freezing here.  Last night it got to 50 degrees and it has been cold all week.  I wear my jacket and that helps a lot.  Right now in my area everyone has been getting sick.  Everyone is sick even my companion got sick last week.  It was Tuesday and in the morning he was feeling okay then in the afternoon he was like I don't feel good so we stayed inside for a bit.  Then like half an hour later he threw up.  He was sick for two days but I got to go out with another missionary on splits so we can get some work done.  Everything was good.  I went on exchanges with another missionary in his area.  The family heard we ate  baloot and wanted to see the video.  We showed it to them.
Something cool happened this week.   The Bishop got up and told some wonderful news.  There is a boy in the ward who has a kidney problem.  He is fine he is like a normal boy but a year ago the doctors found some tumors on his kidney and they got it out.  This year they found some more on his kidneys so the ward was asked to fast and pray for the boy that the surgery will go well and the tumors could be removed.  This week the boy went in for surgery to remove those tumors.  There were 7 doctrors working on him-- he is a special case.  When they docotrs were in the surgery room they found no tumors on his kidneys-- they were gone, disappeared.  The surgery was suppose to take 2 1/2 hours but they were out in less than an hour.  Amazing right?   God works in wonderful miracles.   The tumors are gone and they don't have to worry about it.  Fasting and faith and prayer-- wow that is a wonderful story.   Now they will get to share the rest of their lives together.
This week we are going to do a lot of service this week and someone is getting baptized this Saturday-- it is somone from our district so that will be exciting.  Good things will happen this week.  I have pictures I will send some to you.
Elder Bowles

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