Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013: Elder Bowles

Dear Mom and Dad:
I go home in two weeks!!! aaaaa!!! Yesterday on Sunday I was just thinking and saying to myself wow I have two more Sundays after this, that is crazy.  Yea it has been wonderful weather 70-80 degrees.  It nice when we go down by the beach-- we see the ocean.  The next group of missionaries will come in February when I leave.  There are 30 coming in February and in March there are 43 coming.   We will get 100 new missionaries by June 1st 2013.  Crazy--Wow!  Everyone in the the mission will be training so I feel bad for all the missionaries. 
This week was good we were able to teach a little more people just less actives, we have no investigators at this time.  There is this one kid in our ward who is not a member of the church but goes to church every week and  has been going for 6 years.  He just got accepted to BYU Idaho and he might get baptized here.  The ward is working with them so we are just waiting for him to say yes to the lessons then we can get him down into the water.  So it will be exciting-- we are on a waiting game right now.
District meeting was good.  I was able to say a lot more things and we got a discusion going so I thought it was good.  The topicc could be like work effectivly every day, preach my gospel, or teach when you find find when you teach.  That is what i do-- I just give the instructions to my district.  The last one was good and I hope this one will be good too.
Not much to say, I'm going home in two weeks and I am excited for that wonderful accomplishment.
Thanks Mom and Dad.
Love Elder Bowles

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