Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15, 2011: Elder Bowles

Hi mom thanks for sending all the treats and I will definitely share it because I don't think I can eat it all. If I did I would have gained lot's of weight!!! I gained ten pounds. no big deal. now grandma can stop worrying about me. I leave in a week to sunshine California. It will be fun there and I will enjoy the warmth. As I study preach my gospel and the scriptures, it's a lot to put on your minds in 2 weeks. I forget a lot of the scriptures and the lessons. It's hard to put itno words. But I can wlways share the book of Mormon stories. I just have to have faith in the Lord and pray everyday that I can understand the lesson and the scriptures. It's just about faith right now. Thanks for supporting me on going on a mission. I am really having a great time here. I love my friends here. One of them said going up to the temple, "Now is your chance to make a run for it!!!" So funny. I love you. Thanks mom and Dad. I need Brother Nelson's home address. Thanks.

Elder Bowles

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